:Zayn as Wolverine! Drawn with colored pencils ❤️ @zaynmalik onedirection #1DCreate
❝ Just let it be. You may as well. Everything moves in and out at its own time. You have no control. You never did, you never will. ❞ — Byron Katie (via lostgal49)



Why can’t everything be free bruh like everyone just works and everyone gets everything free like everyone can have some good ass food and an iPhone or some shit Idk

So ugh um I guess this is low key communism…. I ain’t know

Anonymous: I know this person that thinks all Indians are Muslim and he thinks all Muslims are part of the Taliban.. I tried to explain to him that what he was saying is wrong and he said, " I'm white I don't care about this shit." I'm so done with people 


its ok he’ll probably get arrested for trying to put his dick in a goat or something one day


if i ever end up in the hospital please replace my iv bag with zayns semen


when someones compliments zayn its like they’re complimenting me bc of my fine taste


*saves virginity for zayn but ends up dying a virgin*


i think it’s so cute how Zayn just sort of zones out for small moments during interviews and then cues back in and nods politely in agreement to something he probably was only paying 0.7% attention to


remember when harry from 1d was cute